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DBE Program 

LRTA/Palmetto Breeze Transit frequently hires local and national businesses to work on projects that improve our fleet and increase services for our ridership. Projects include everything from building renovation and construction to vehicle maintenance, from operations management to marketing initiatives.

The Finance Department at Palmetto Breeze serves as the connection between various Palmetto Breeze departments and companies wishing to bid on projects and provide their goods or services.

Here is a general overview of the procurement process:

  • Palmetto Breeze department heads determine a need for goods or services and submit their requirements to the procurement staff.

  • Palmetto Breeze posts a notice on this website to solicit bids from interested companies. We may also directly contact vendors whom we think may be qualified.

  • Companies prepare and submit their bids and project proposals.

  • An appointed evaluation committee evaluates all bids and proposals.

  • The evaluation committee makes a recommendation as to which company should be awarded the project and sends the recommendation to the Executive Director and the LRTA Board of Directors for approval.

  • Palmetto Breeze sends a purchase order or contract to the winning company, and work begins.


Contact Kristine Hepburn, Director of Finance at 843-757-5782 or email:

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