Ride Free - New Job Pass 

Did you know that if you are starting a new job in the Palmetto Breeze service area that you can give Palmetto Breeze Transit a try - FOR FREE!


Call 843-757-5782 to learn more about the Free 7-Day Palmetto Breeze Pass for New Hires.


Palmetto Breeze will give a free pass to ride any Palmetto Breeze route for seven (7) consecutive days upon request by a local employer.  To obtain a pass, the employer must list the following on employer letterhead:

  1. Name of new employee

  2. Start date of new employee

  3. Origin location (i.e. Allendale, Beaufort, Estill, etc.) of new employee

  4. Employer name

  5. Supervisor name and phone number

  6. Date when 7-day pass should begin (please allow a couple of days)

The pass will be given to the driver of the origin route by the start date to give to the employee/passenger.

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