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Master Plan - Virtual Public Meeting

Thank you for participating in our online Virtual Public Meeting.  The purpose of our Public Meeting is to offer our stakeholders and the general public an opportunity to review our planning process, the alternatives we developed during the process, and the recommendations our planning team is making to Palmetto Breeze and the Lowcountry Regional Transportation Authority.

Please Begin by Viewing our Brief Study Overview by Clicking the Video Link Below:

(Haga clic aquí para ver esta información y nuestro video en español.)

Master Plan Report

To download and review a PDF version of the complete Palmetto Breeze Transit Master Plan Report, click the button at right.

Proposed Route Maps

Below are illustrations of the proposed new Palmetto Breeze Transit routes as described in the presentation above. You can click on each image to view the maps at a larger size and to access a downloadable PDF version of each.

Proposed Bluffton Route

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 12.56.41

Proposed Buckwalter Route

Palmetto Breeze_Buckwalter Route Map.jpg

Next Steps

The next steps in our process are to collect input from you and anyone else interested in offering feedback to our plans and recommendations.  Simply click the button below to be directed to an easy to complete online form to provide your input. After conducing our online TeleTownhall, we will compile the public input and make any necessary adjustments to our planning documents and recommendations.

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