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Route Deviation Service Requests (Beaufort County Only)

In Beaufort County, Palmetto Breeze Transit offers complementary route-deviation services to supplement our regular commuter routes.  These route deviations offer transportation options for anyone traveling within ¾ mile of the Palmetto Breeze route. This service will pick up someone from a location within ¾ of a mile of the route and take them anywhere within ¾ of a mile of the published route. Requests for route deviation must be made at least 24 hours before the requested deviation is desired.

Beaufort County residents can contact Palmetto Breeze to request route-deviation service at:

LRTA dba Palmetto Breeze

Attn:  Mobility Manager

PO Box 2029

25 Benton Field Road

Bluffton, SC 29910


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