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Awards and Accolades

Did you know that the Palmetto Breeze Team is award-winning in oh so many ways!

2023 SCDOT/TASC Award Winner:

  • The Palmetto Breeze maintenance team placed first in the Statewide Transit Road competition. Details Here.

2023 APTA AdWheel Marketing Award:

  • Our "Breeze Trolley ROCKS! Painted Rock Ride & Find Adventure" campaign was honored for excellence in transit marketing and communications by the American Public Transportation Association.

2020 SCDOT/TASC Award Winners:

  • Executive Director Mary Lou Franzoni was awarded the 2020 TASC Excellence in Community Outreach award.

  • Mobility Manager Laura Atkinson was recognized as the 2020 TASC Urban System Support Staff Person of the Year.

  • Our maintenance team placed 3rd in the State Roadeo maintenance competition  including maintenance team members:  

    • Harley Farris

    • Emanuel Taylor

    • Charles Ragland

2019 SCDOT/TASC Award Winners:

  • The Palmetto Breeze Transit maintenance team placed second in the 2019 statewide Roadeo competition in Clemson, SC hosted by the Transit Association of South Carolina (TASC).

  • Yazmin Winston-Black, our Director of Safety & Training, was recognized as the Transit Employee of the Year by SCDOT!

2018 Regional Roadeo Winners, sponsored by SCDOT:

  • Palmetto Breeze driver Tyrone Drayton placed 3rd in the 35-foot bus category. 

  • Our maintenance team received a 3rd place trophy, including maintenance team members:  

    • Harley Farris

    • Emanuel Taylor

    • Charles Ragland

2017 TASC Transit Provider of the Year:

At the annual TASC conference in 2017, Palmetto Breeze was awarded the Transit Provider of the Year award. This award was given for outstanding transit services to the general public.

2004 SCDOT/TASC Awards:

At the annual 2004 Transportation Association of South Carolina conference, the LRTA was recognized with the 2003 Paul Carter Safety Award for the best vehicle safety record during the previous three fiscal years. We were also awarded the 2003 Most Improved Transit System Award, which is given to a transit system that has undergone noteworthy improvements during the previous three fiscal years.

2003 Innovation Award:

LRTA received the 2003 Innovation Award for its work with the Lower Savannah Council of Governments.


2001 Paul Carter Safety Award:

The LRTA received the 2000 Paul Carter Safety Award for the lowest number of vehicle accidents per mile from SCDOT at the 2001 TASC conference.

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