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Master Plan Virtual Public Meeting - Feedback

Thank you for viewing our presentation.  Please provide your feedback and input using the form below and click submit when you are finished. We are collecting contact information so that we may keep people up to date on our planning efforts and recommendations for Palmetto Breeze enhancements.

Please Provide Your Input to Our Plans
Are you familiar with using public transportation?
If "No" would you like Palmetto Breeze staff to contact you to provide information to you? (you can provide an email address below)
Do you plan to use any of the routes depicted in our presentation?
What times would you like to see the routes run (morning/evening)? (select all that apply)
What days should the routes run to better serve your needs (weekdays/weekends)? (select all that apply)
Estimated number of times you would ride?
How did you like our Virtual Public Meeting?

Thank you! We have received your input.

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